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Silver Creek Labs ...

The place to get your English Lab Puppy!

Are you looking for a puppy with a great disposition and a fancy pedigree?

Email us today at [email protected]


From Great Parents 

Come Great Puppies!!


         Starter Puppy!!


13 weeks old and very smart!  He is doing well with obedience training and potty training!

Come and  meet this young man!!


                  "Jewel"                                     "Mav"

          "Leo"                       "Fancy"                    "Ricky"

                  "Missy"                                    "Taz"                       


Upcoming Litters!!

Lilly x Max

They will have beautiful and Athletic Puppies!

They will be Black!!


Geisha X Obi

Geisha is a great mom and has great puppies!


Cocoa x Max

This is a magical cross!  They will be Chocolate and Gourgous!!