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Silver Creek Labs ...

The place to get your English Lab Puppy!

Are you looking for a puppy with a great disposition and a fancy pedigree?

Email us today at [email protected]


        Cyber Monday Specials!!

                            Contact us for details!!


                  Merry Christmas!!

        Reserve Your Puppy for Christmas today!!

                      We have males and females.

  Colors:  White, Ivory, Yellow, Chocolate & Black!

                             Contact us today!!

               [email protected]


                         Female                                                         Male
                  Male                                 Male                                    Male

                  Maggie x Luigie

                  They have Beautiful Puppies!!

       They will be  extremely Smart and Athletic!               Maggie has produced Great Hunters

                         in her previous litters!!


        Contact us today for more information!!


                Latte' x Roscoe

         She had a beautiful litter of Black Puppies!

    These puppies are from a Great line of Hunters

                           & Companion dogs!!


   ​Peppermint Patty x Sir Bentley

             This is a beautiful combination!! 

Both parents are very athletic and very smart!!

            They love people and Children!!

     Patty had all Chocolate female puppies!!